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Whats the training – East German DDR Trained German Shepherds
East German DDR protection Trained Male

Family Protection Executive Protection:

Basic Obedience Package: Young Adults are imprinted and understand commands.

  • Come/Recall, Sit, and Prolong Sit
  • Down and Prolong Down
  • Place and Prolong Place: Basically teaching them to sit or stand on something a chair, a base, a table or pad.
  • Leave it: To leave things, shoes, cords, kitties, grandma etc.
  • Leash Walking: They will walk right beside with or without leash.
  • Emergency down: Give a command and have the dog go into a down position with minimal distraction both at side or nearby with a little bit of distance.
  • Adjusted to living in home setting : Exposed to a variety of environments. Passed extensive health check.
  • Movement: Left, Right, In, out. Mount up in vehicle exit vehicle from one door only passenger rear or passenger

Beginning protection:

Understanding the terminology the dog knows what the command means and what is expected of the dog when you say the command. Ready for finishing training and proofing.

  • Alert: Time to work. look around or focus on the trouble
  • Watch him: Focus on any threat but do not react.
  • Protect: Show aggression dog should place themselves between you and the aggressor. Staying there at alert with focus and bark on threat.
  • Bite: Dog will recognize term and bite the aggressors equipment.
  • Defend handler in vehicle. Show aggression “when asked”

Full Warranty — 100% Satisfaction $2500 Down. Complete Price $5800 Dog and Training.

Once a good match is found a private page will be set up for plenty of ongoing pictures and weekly video updates of your dogs training. All east german DDR dogs come with AKC limited paperwork. Full rights is rarely issued and only to approved breeding programs. Full breeding rights can be lifted in certain circumstance for personal use.

Call for more information on availability.

Only telephone calls for trained dogs, thank you for your understanding. All dogs are PLACED never plopped!

The right dog in the right hands… Send your contact info for discussion on this dog.

Best to call 242-7626 Nine two eight area code. Available Trained DDR East German Shepherds

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